Momo Steering Wheel Installation

Years: 1964-1973.5, 1974-1989

Installing the Momo steering wheel and hub is a fairly straight forward process. This process generally takes 15-30 minutes to complete. Pictured instructions come with the hub and steering wheel to assist you in the process of mounting the wheel and connecting the ground wire.

Attention to detail before you install the new Momo wheel, will save you some extra work as once the new wheel is installed, it fits very snug and is tougher to remove than the original. Take advantage of the Porsche PET and make sure you have the correct diagram for your car. Compare all the parts and orientation before changing steering wheels.

The focus of this article is to cover some of the frequent issues I have seen from wheel installations. Frequently after mounting the new steering wheel on your Porsche folks notice excess play in steering wheel. This is a frustrating issue that can be caused by a few small things.

First, make sure you have correctly installed the spring and a support ring if applicable. The support ring must be oriented correctly. If this ring is left out, or not installed correctly you will have a lot of play in your new steering wheel.


Another item to note is the steering shaft bearing. If this is wore out or broken, it can also cause excess play in the steering wheel. Generally if this is wore, you would have had the same play before you changed wheels. Fortunately, there is a steering shaft bearing sleeve that can be purchased from most of the Porsche parts suppliers. The addition of this shaft sleeve is a permanent fix to a worn steering bearing.

1974-1989 Model 911’s generally require you to unscrew the cancelling ring from the back of the stock steering wheel and screw it to the new Momo. These models have a ground wire with a small connector on them for the stock wheel. You must either snip this off and replace it with a larger connector or replace the entire wire with the one provided with the Momo.

Now sit back and enjoy your new wheel.