Flatout Motorsports is pleased to offer an in house restoration experience. This is one way we differ from many of the others. We outsource very little, which helps keep costs low and quality in control. Nothing is too big or too small. From polishing seat rails to rebuilding pedal assemblies we take pride in our work and returning it to factory function both mechanically and cosmetically. We have worked hard to establish excellent connections with suppliers worldwide and can source the parts you require for your restoration.

Our Services Include:

Project Planning: A true one on one experience. We understand your car is a big investment and very special to you. We have a customer room devoted to planning your project. We offer a wide range of original and reproduction upholstery, textures and materials used to build your Porsche. Providing this opportunity when building your car allows our customers to be hands on and compare materials to suit their build.

We are also working on expanding our mechanical offerings to show you in person engine component comparisons for your build. We have also started to create a failure library to show you first hand parts that wear out and why.

Media Blasting: Our onsite media blasting booth allows us to utilize multiple medias to do it right. Cars once disassembled are mounted to our custom rotisserie and stripped of all old material inside and out. We use a variety of materials depending on what the project calls for. This includes dustless blasting, walnut, soda, and glass just to name a few.

Metal Work: We utilize the best donor and new sheet metal parts as required to bring your car back to life. Our focus is on implementing factory techniques to reproduce correct  repairs. This is completed onsite by experienced professionals.


Body & Paint: Paint and body work is completed to the highest standards reproducing factory textures and finishes. Every detail is important down to factory over spray techniques, glue patterns, and materials.


Engine Rebuilding: Engines are rebuilt in house in our new dedicated engine room. A clean and precise build is something we take pride in.


Service: Each car has a different personality. From a simple oil change to bringing that barn find back to life, we can handle the task.

Please contact us directly for more information